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Do I Need a Short Sale Agent?

Do I Need a Short Sale Agent?


                 Selling your home as a Short Sale by no means requires that you find a Short Sale Agent but, it is likely one of the smartest things you can do. Agents that specialize in Short Sales can definitely make the process much easier and a lot smoother. However, don’t be fooled, just because an agent takes a course in Short Sales and/or receives a certificate for completing a course by  no means defines them as a Short Sale Specialist.

                The benefits of hiring an experienced Short Sale specialist surmount the benefits of hiring a regular agent or an agent that just completes a course. What can an experienced Short Sale agent do for a seller that a regular agent cannot? A Short Sale Agent that has sold other homes in your area can assist you in pricing your Short Sale correctly. Pricing your home for the right price is extremely important. If not priced within reason, there is a better chance your lender will deny your application for Short Sale. Short Sale Agents are most likely familiar with the Short Sale processes of the major banks in your area (even though they are frequently changing) and they tend to have a better understanding of what is going to be required to complete the Short Sale process.

If the Short Sale Agent has sold other homes in your area, they should have the knowledge to best market your home and the “know how” to keep a potential buyer interested during the approval process. An experienced Short Sale agent should also be able to identify potential problems that may arise quickly and resolve the issue before becoming an issue. A good Short Sale Agent will be able to answer your questions, usually by heart as well as provide you with all of the important details such as fees that you will be required to pay and may also be able to get you money back at closing. Generally, an experienced agent will have gained the respect of other Realtors® who trust that they will handle the process quickly and efficiently; trust in an agent can go a long way.

Your San Jose Short Sale Agent

For the best service and local information for San Jose California, feel free to visit or call anytime. I not only know the area, but know the real estate market and can help you buy, sell, invest or quickly get out of any home or property. I am a short sale expert but can also help you purchase or sell any home or property in the entire San Jose area.





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