San Jose Short Sales

San Jose Short Sales – $300 buys Short Sale Approval

San Jose Short Sales – $300 buys Short Sale Approval

San Jose Short Sales kicks some Short Sales Bootie! When to going gets tough – the tough get going!

The Short Sale saga continues San Jose Short Sales – When Best Efforts Fall short

We got a third buyer into contract; submitted the offer to the new servicer (RCSI); and got the Trustee Sale date postponed for the third time.

RCSI declined the file and closed the file.


We were told that the notes say that the offer needed to be at $XXX,000 to be considered. A message was sent to the negotiator to DISCUSS the file with us.  It’s so easy for them to just close a file and move on.  Negotiator did respond.

We just don’t give up. When the going gets touch … the tough get going, tough, tough.  When the going get tough, the tough get ready …

We escalated the file. We spoke with a manager whose brain activity measured above “brain dead.”  We got the file re-opened with a counter offer $50,000 over the offer price.  This was $30,000 less than the first counter offer which was $80,000 above market value.  Make sense? Of course is doesn’t make any sense. Add to that, prior to getting the trustee sale date postponed … the opening bid was over $120,000 LESS than the counter offer.

The buyers needed to come up $50,000 OR we needed to get an appraisal to support the buyers offer. No buyer would pay what the bank was demanding. If a buyer were “brain-dead” enough to offer that much, the buyers appraisal would, shall we say, have some issues.

We asked the sellers to pay $300 for an appraisal which was our only hope of getting the short sale approved and the sellers desire to avoid foreclosure.  The sellers agree to make the investment as their last hope to avoid foreclosure.

I called my appraiser who completed a rush appraisal on Saturday afternoon and had the written report to us that evening. It certainly helps to know appraisers who are willing to work weekends and do what is necessary knowing time is of the essence.  We uploaded the appraisal on Sunday so the negotiator would have it first thing Monday morning.

Sellers paid $300 for a full appraisal which did support the purchase price of $50,000 less than the banks counter offer.  Short sale was approved at the offer price.

Next phase of the San Jose Short Sales challenge – Will the Buyer stick and close?

San Jose Short Sales – $300 Buys Short Sale Approval – by Kathleen Daniels, San Jose Real Estate Agent






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  1. Dave Grbich Avatar

    I saw your list on the short sale site of how to prepare and loved it but couldn’t leave a comment there. Excellent list! I’m down in San Juan Capistrano if you ever have clients moving this way. Thanks Kathleen! See ya in the Rain!

  2. Cong Avatar

    This proves you know what you are doing and how to get short sales closed!

    1. Cong Hu Avatar
      Cong Hu

      Could you help me buy short sale house? $200000—-400000 ! I am going to asking you work as my agent if like……I don’t have any additional conditions (just single house),even if small or old …….


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