San Jose Short Sales

San Jose Short Sales – The Short Sale Fingerprint

San Jose Short Sales – The Short Sale Fingerprint

No Two Are Identical

A San Jose short sale to a San Jose homeowner is as unique as their fingerprint. This means that no two short sales are the same.

Short sales may appear to be the same on the surface however every short sale is unique with its own characteristics. Short sales are complex transactions that may require additional consultative services with tax and/or legal professionals.

Real Estate Agents are not licensed to give tax or legal advice. Most agents know this and yet may fall into the trap of giving tax and legal advice without even realizing it. A real estate professional who specializes in short sales will provide information and resources to homeowners, creating the opportunity for homeowners to make informed decisions regarding what is best for the homeowner.

Homeowners Beware: Do not listen to tax or legal advice from your well-intending agent.  “Good intentions” are not enough to protect your best interests.  Homeowners have a role in the short sale process. Your real estate professional and short sale specialist’s duty is to advise you to seek tax and/or legal advice. It is not the role of an agent to give tax and legal advice.

There is more to a successful short sale than listing the property, finding a buyer, and getting the lender to approve the short sale. San Jose homeowners definitely want to understand their options and the consequences of a San Jose short sale.

Your local real estate professional and certified short sale specialist, Kathleen Daniels, is trained, certified, and an experienced short sale specialist whose team of professionals is committed to providing the information and resources you need to make informed decisions regarding your financial future.

If you, or someone you know, is having difficulty making your mortgage payment(s) and don’t know what to do, visit San Jose Short Sale Specialist and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Or Call now 1-800-972-1822 and get the facts regarding your options.

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