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Finding the right place to live can be difficult in any city, especially a large city. Considering all the important factors in order to help you find the right fit for you and your family can be extremely frustrating. Providing an overview of the best places to live in San Jose, CA will hopefully assist you making your decision. Of course, I would love to have you decide for yourself!

Downtown San Jose is in the heart of it all, near the Guadalupe River Park and Gardens, plenty of nearby shopping, dining, entertainment, art galleries, theaters, and historic architecture there is rarely a dull moment. The traffic is usually a problem but, there are ample options with public transportation, biking or walking. Downtown San Jose has been experiencing a bit of a facelift and the redevelopment has begun to attract more retirees. However, the cost to live in Downtown San Jose is rather expensive whether buying or just renting.

Willow Glen is in the southwest region of Downtown San Jose by the Guadalupe River and it is the location of some beautiful homes. This area has its own downtown district providing a variety of shops, antique stores, restaurants, etc. Willow Glen provides a residential area that is attractive to both families and retirees; however it’s one of the more expensive areas in which to live.

Almaden Valley and Cambrian Park, located in the southern part of Downtown San Jose offers beautiful views of the Santa Cruz Mountains and Santa Teresa hills.  Almaden has plenty of recreational sites in the area and the schools have a great reputation.

North San Jose is more affordable than the other areas of San Jose; this area’s population houses a large amount of the Silicon Valley workforce. The north area has plenty to offer with shopping, restaurants, etc. Included in North San Jose are communities such as Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto and Santa Clara.

     One of the more popular areas to live in San Jose with a diverse ethnicity is West San Jose. This is a mostly residential area that includes Cupertino, home to many of the bigger companies such as Apple Inc. Families with children in school consider this community due to the reputation as one of the best schooling systems in the country.

Finally, Santa Clara offers a mostly residential area that is more affordable. Santa Clara is very appealing to a wide variety of families with its close proximity to large companies such as Yahoo and Intel. Santa Clara has plenty of the basic amenities of a city such as shopping, restaurants, entertainment, etc.; however it is also home to the famous amusement park, Great America.

Everyone has different wants, needs, and desires regarding where they live. One person may have a priority of being close to work for a shorter commute and another person’s priority is to find a safe environment with good schools for their children, making it difficult to ask the question “Where should I live in San Jose?” But to get an answer that is right for you and your family it’s best to discuss the options and prices with a San Jose Realtor®. Getting a better idea of what to expect in some of the best areas in San Jose should help you make the right decision. Photo by Sean O’Flaherty

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